A lot of individuals wonder if STDs will go away without treatment whenever they’re challenged with the chance of an STD. People are usually hopeful that the infection will go away on their own since they do not want to look for STD Testing Near Me. For them, it is a bit embarrassing to go to a clinic to be tested.  


However, the truth is that almost every STD won’t go away on its own. In fact, some of them get worse if left untreated. 


Since STDs are frequently asymptomatic, it is crucial to keep in mind that the lack of symptoms doesn’t always mean that an STD is not present. In addition to that, it does not mean that the infection is gone if you experience signs related to an STD and they go away eventually. This is still crucial to keep in mind if you are getting treatments for STD. A lot of individuals will stop taking the medicines as soon as the signs are gone. However, it is crucial to complete any type of medication that the medical professional prescribed to you. You will only prevent the infection from going away if you don’t finish your treatment. In addition to that, this will also cause more antibiotic infection resistant strains. This makes it a lot harder to treat in the future. 

Viral STDs 

The only type of STDs that have the possibility to go away on their own is Viral STDs. However, not every viral STD will clear up without any treatment. A couple of them stay for the entire lifespan of a person. This includes herpes and HIV. Others will go away on its own. This includes HPV and hepatitis. These are the only STDs that will clear up on their own. However, they do not clear up always. 

A couple of individuals who contract hepatitis will get rid of the infection from their bodies without using any medication. However, some individuals will have chronic hepatitis. In this type, the infection will come back after several years and it will cause liver cancer, liver disease, and other liver infections. 

When it comes to HPV, there are hundreds of strains. Though a couple of them do go away on their own after several years, others do not clear up. Particular strains of HPV can cause particular types of cancers or genital warts. That is why detecting it as early as possible is crucial. 

Parasitic and Bacterial STDs 

Parasitic and bacterial STDs don’t go away over time. In order to eliminate the infection from your body, it will always need prescription treatment. Some of the bacterial STDs comprise syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. On the other hand, parasitic STDs comprise pubic lice, scabies, and trich. You can treat every single one of this STD. However, they need the prescription of a medical professional and diagnosis. These STDs can cause severe health issues if you ignore them. That is why it is extremely crucial to get tested and treat the issue as soon as you can.